Studio 54

Party in the style of 70s! <br><br> 15. February 2008

Imagine Pub

Party with "European Studies" Students <br><br>13. Febrary 2008

Chemnitz Cemetery

Afternoon-walk through the cemetery. <br /><br />11. February 2008

Czech afterparty

Consuption of the remaining alcohol from the Czech evening. <br /><br />8. February 2008

Mexican dinner

Evening at dinner in Mexican restaurant Viva Mamajoe's. <br /><br />7. February 2008

Farewell Roksana & Kaja party

A surprise party for Roksana and Kaja, who are leaving Chemnitz first. <br /><br />1. February 2008

Goodbye Erasmus & b-day party

Goodbye Erasmus & We're a year older b-day party in TaC-Mensa. <br /><br />25. January 2008

Sushi dinner

B-day dinner in the Japanese restaurant eating rice and (mostly) raw fish. <br /><br />24. January 2008

Czech & Slovak evening

Czechoslovakian night in CdK. <br /><br />19. January 2008

Polish dinner

Another Sunday dinner, this time pierogi from Poland. <br /><br />13. January 2008

Agata's birthday

First party of the new year. <br /><br />11. January 2008

Christmas Dinner

Early Christmas Party on RH 51. <br /><br />10. December 2007

Mixer party

Erasmus & I'ES miXer PARTY in FPM <br /><br />7. December 2007

Moonlight Mensa party

Just stand and watch, like Germans do. :) <br /><br />20. November 2007

RH51 Drinking-game

Polish drinking game and the afterparty in the basement. <br /><br />16. November 2007

Ice skating

Wednesday evenings on ice.

Guillaume's b-day

RH51 party for Guillaume's 22th birthday. <br /><br />10. November 2007

Weimar & Erfurt

Saturday trip to Weimar and Erfurt with Polonca and Bojan. <br /><br />3. November 2007

Halloween Night

The spooky Halloween party. <br /><br />30. October 2007

Tina's b-day

Cake for Tina's 23th birthday. <br /><br />23. October 2007

Kein-RH51 party

Party was planned to take place on RH51 but was moved to our trusty kitchen on VS64 due to higher force. <br />19. October 2007


A Sunday trip to belvedere Totenstein. <br /><br />14. October 2007

Polish party

Polska impreza and a lot of toilette paper. <br /><br />8. October 2007

Food+Music Party

International food & music party. <br /><br />28. September 2007


A couple of photos from German language course.


Trip to Leipzig with the language course. <br /><br />27. September 2007

Maciej's b-day

A 20th birthday cake for Maciej. <br /><br />23. September 2007


Wednesday night at Studentenkeller PEB. <br /><br />19. September 2007


Battle for the Castle Lake. <br /><br />16. September 2007


Trip to Dresden with the language course. <br /><br />14. September 2007


Pub crawl in Bushfunk and Theater Club Café. <br /><br />12. September 2007

Erste party

Let's call it get-to-know-party in Miwi's room. <br /><br />10. September 2007