In the night

You wake up in the middle of the night. Your all sweaty, your head hurts and you can not remember what happened last night. You want to turn around but then you hear a silent sigh from under your blanket. You frown. Your hand slips slowly under the blanket. You can feel the warmth of another body, the softness of the skin. It moves, nestles itself closer to you. You fell the sweet, ardent breath on your neck. Silky voice whispers in your ear a decisive question: “Erasmus?”

Your face lightens up, with the relief in your voice you proudly say: “Yesss!”

2 Replies to “In the night”

  1. Hey Žiga, I truly enjoy the fact, that your mum is reading this blog… nááájs!

  2. She knows me to well to be surprised 😉

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