Halloween party!

V torek smo se odločili, da Erasmovci organiziramo zabavo za noč čarovnic – res da smo bili dan prezgodnji, vendar je bilo tako najboljše na dane pogoje 🙂 Glede na to, da smo v protestanski državi, smo imeli le sredo prosto, v četrtek pa smo morali že pridno sodelovati na predavanjih.

Pa si poglejmo kakšni so bili naši kostumi: HALLOWEEN PARTY

10 Replies to “Halloween party!”

  1. ZIIIIGAAA, you didn´t upload the pictures I took… with your camera!! :((

  2. And this one is from where 😉

    I vote for:
    – Trash-Man as the most inventive
    – Suicide-Girl as most scary

  3. YourBrother says:

    I vote for:
    -Suicide-girl as the most inventive and scary
    -The hoolahoop-girl as the sexiest and most seductive ^.^

  4. Thank you my little brother for the first points 😉

  5. Kasia is the winner, for sure… veeery good outfit, never expected, that Kasia could look that bad 🙂
    tina has an ok outfit too, but darling, Pippi was supposed to be funny, not sexy!!! );)

  6. Depends which Pippi are you talking about 😉

  7. one point goes to….tadadada Sebastian and one to Dusan and his very sexy legs

  8. Diego de la Vega says:

    ok, so… mine goes to kasia as scary and dusan as fucking funny/sexy girl

  9. Justine says:

    I want to vote to Kasia, because i never see such disguise before, and i found it very… hum interesting, and i liked also Aurelien and Dusan disguise

  10. Roksana says:

    I think that Kasia was very scary, but I agree with Justine 😉 also Aurelien and Dusan were very funny. Dushan was very sexy girl machine 😉

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